April 29, 2015

Fabric Shield Test – Slushy

We are currently in the process of producing video’s starring the Nilrust Range! Fabshield is up and running. Check it out! Spilling red slushy over a Fabric Shield protected car seat:     The red slushy beads off the protected section.     Clean away with a damp cloth for easy clean up.     […]


Plastic Vinyl Leather Protection

The Plastic, Vinyl, Leather Protection product (better known as PVL) produced by Nilrust has distinct advantages over almost all other products on the market… Once applied and left to dry, it penetrates, chemically bonds and sets to the surface applied.

April 19, 2015

Surf Life Saving Clubs

Surf Life Saving Clubs have beach vehicles, such as Hilux Utes, that they use on the beach every day, which of course are subject to some of the harshest beach rust corrosion situations. Most of the vehicles used these days are equipped with Nilrust Electronic Rustproofing Systems.