August 6, 2020

The Best Things in Life … Nilrust Aftercare Products

The best things in life ... Nilrust

We all want the best things in life – food, wine, real estate, and designer brands.

For car lovers, protecting their vehicles is high on the priority list … and Nilrust offers the BEST auto-protection in Australia.

Once your customers invest in Nilrust Paint, Fabric, PVL and Leather protection, don’t forget to tell them to clean their pride and joy using Nilrust Aftercare Products.

Whether it’s for interior or exterior maintenance, Nilrust has the most technically advanced range of automotive cleaning products available for use by your customers.

From carwashes and leather treatments to window cleaners, Nilrust offers a permanent solution to keeping your car – both inside and out – looking good all year round.

Here’s a list of products available for your customer’s home care of their vehicles.

Nilrust Heavy Duty Carwash

Nilrust Heavy Duty Carwash is a specifically designed detergent for vehicle washing. It’s pH neutral and polymer compatible. The Nilrust Heavy Duty Carwash is recommended for use on vehicles already treated with Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection. This high-performance product is paint and environmentally friendly (meets Australian biodegradable standards). Nilrust Heavy Duty Carwash can be purchased in either 250ml, 500ml bottles or 20L drums.

+ Biodegradable
+ Cleans away tough dirt & grime
+ Formulated for use with polymer finishes

Nilrust Endurolife Gloss Revitaliser

Nilrust Endurolife Gloss Revitaliser is a specifically formulated reactive polymer wash. It contains selected surfactants and additives which chemically bond to the surface of the vehicle, promoting water shedding and bedding. To maintain a mirror finish Nilrust Endurolife Gloss Revitaliser MUST be applied every six months after initial treatment with Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection. Failure to do so will void warranty. Available in 250ml bottles or 20L drums.

+ Biodegradable
+ Mirror Finish
+ Leaves a protective coating

Nilrust Bug-N-Tar

Nilrust Bug-N-Tar is a biodegradable concentrated formula-based product which uses natural orange extracts to remove stubborn tar, bugs, and road grime. Simply apply and watch it dissolve away hard to remove bitumen, insect wax and asphalt in one easy step. It can also be used as a stain remover on certain carpets and leathers when diluted with water. Note: It’s recommended to conduct a small test area before application. Available in 125ml bottles or 20L drums.

+ Dissolves asphalt, bitumen & natural insect wax
+ Windscreen cleaner concentrate


Nilrust Gift Box

The Nilrust Team makes vehicle maintenance easy with our simple to use Nilrust Gift Pack. The packs are designed to help customers regularly care for their vehicles once they’re protected it with the Nilrust Complete Protection Package – both inside & out. They make the ideal gift to give to your customers and includes a Step-by-Step Guide on how to correctly apply the different products.

 Nilrust Gift Boxes

The Nilrust Gift Pack contains the following products:

+ 1x 250ml Nilrust Heavy Duty Carwash
+ 1x 250ml Nilrust Endurolife Gloss Revitaliser
+ 1x 125ml Nilrust Bug-N-Tar
+ 1x Chamois
+ 1x Microfibre Glove

Nilrust Window Cleaner

Nilrust Window Cleaner is gentle enough to use on tinted windows, but resilient enough to get off any stain or mark on windows. It’s ready for immediate use on any vehicle.

Man washing car window with rag outdoors, closeup
+ Tint Safe
+ Quick Dry
+ Streak Free


Nilrust Sanitizor Anti-bacterial Surface Spray & Hand Sanitising Gel

Nilrust Sanitizor Anti-bacterial Surface Spray & Nilrust Hand Sanitising Gel are non-hazardous anti-bacterial products designed specifically to protect motorists while using their vehicles. These products kill bacteria and germs that contaminate external and internal surfaces, making driving safer.

pic 1
  • Nilrust Sanitizor Anti-bacterial Surface Spray is easy to apply. Simply spray all hard surfaces and leave for a minimum of 10 minutes without wiping for complete anti-bacterial care. Also spray inside vehicles while the air conditioner is running to prevent bacterial and germs forming in the air conditioning ducts.
  • Nilrust Hand Sanitising Gel ensures the health & safety of your staff and customers while instore. The active ingredient if Ethanol. Apply a small amount to the palm of the hand and spread all over the hands until dry.
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