October 8, 2020

Do you have a question?

Frequently Asked Questions!


Do you have a question?

Do you want to find out more about Nilrust products?

Are you interested in protecting the exterior & interior of your vehicle?

Well look no further … because we’ve got the answer!

Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions we get asked at Nilrust about our products.

Read through the full list of FAQs … but if you can’t find the right answer contact us at info@nilrust.com.au or (07) 5559 2525.


General Questions

Q. Where can I buy Nilrust products?

A. From your local Nilrust Agent. And if they don’t carry Nilrust aftermarket products, ask them why! Alternatively, contact the Nilrust Head Office to find your closest Nilrust Agent.

Q. Are Nilrust products covered by warranty?

A. Yes. All Nilrust products are covered by warranty on new and used cars.

Q. Does Nilrust use environmentally friendly ingredients?

A. All Nilrust products are manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions using the most environmentally friendly, non-allergenic & biodegradable ingredients available.

Q. Does Nilrust use Nanotechnology?

A. No. Nilrust does NOT use nanotechnology in any of our products. You ask why? It’s simple! The risk of exposure to nanoparticles are just far too great for applicators. All products are free from a variety of harmful chemicals, commonly used by other manufactures, such as Xylene, Butanol, Hexane, Toluene and other chlorinated solvents.

Q. Does Nilrust provide permanent protection – inside & out?

A. Nilrust provides permanent protection with a once only application.

Paint Protection

Q. How do I maintain my vehicle after Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection is applied?

A. It’s easy. Wash your vehicle on a regular basis using the products in the Nilrust Gift Pack. Also, at least every 6-months, after a car wash, apply the Nilrust Gloss Revitaliser as per instructions on the bottle. This will add to your paint protection finish and ensure your paintwork is protected permanently.

Q. What products should I use to my wash my vehicle?

A. Nilrust Heavy Duty Car Wash (or any pH Neutral Car Wash) and your Nilrust Endurolife Gloss Revitaliser (once every six months as part of your warranty conditions).

Q. Should I wax or polish once my vehicle is coated with Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection?

A. No amount of polish or waxing is required after your Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection is applied. We’ve taken out the hard work of maintenance on your paintwork.

Q. What do I do when I get bird, droppings, tree sap or insects on my vehicle?

A. Remove as soon as possible using Nilrust Heavy Duty Car Wash or a pH Neutral Car Wash. For tough stains use Nilrust Bug-N-Tar from your Nilrust Gift Pack.

Q. Will Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection wash off when I clean my vehicle?

A. Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection can only be removed with machine compounding or a recommended solvent. Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection provides permanent protection for your vehicle.

Q. Do I need to reapply Nilrust Paint Protection if my car is damaged in an accident and needs to be repainted?

A. Yes. Nilrust recommends paint protection be reapplied six weeks after repair by your automotive repairer or one of our local agents. Reapplication should be covered under your vehicle insurance policy.

Q. Is paint protection worth it?

A. The application of paint protection will make your car look better than showroom conditions, protect and prolong the life of your vehicle’s paintwork, make it so easy to keep clean and add resale value upon sale or trade-in.

Fabric Protection

Q. I’ve spilt coffee on the seat of my car by accident. How do I clean it?

A. Just wipe away using a clean cloth and warm soapy water.

Q. Does Nilrust Fabshield protect against damage and unpleasant odours caused by children and pets?

A. Unpleasant odours are predominately caused by bacteria and fungi. Nilrust Fabshield contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents that stop unpleasant odours. In addition, the fabric protection seals the surface of the fabric threads, thus preventing spillages from being absorbed into the fibres.

Q. Is it odourless and non-flammable once applied?

A. Yes. Nilrust Fabshield does not smell once applied and is non-flammable. Nilrust does not use solvent-based chemicals in our fabric protection. Only the most technically advanced products are used for your guaranteed protection.

Q. Will Nilrust Fabshield last?

A. All Nilrust products provide a permanent solution for the inside, outside & underneath of your vehicle.

Plastic, Vinyl & Leather (PVL) Protection

Q. Will Nilrust PVL protect my leather and vinyl surfaces from shrinkage, cracking, splitting, and discolouration caused by harmful UV light?

A. Yes. The products used by Nilrust for plastic, vinyl and leather surfaces permeate into the material and set on the surfaces giving it a long-lasting protective coating.

Q. Will it change the feel, texture or colour of my leather interior surfaces?

A. Nilrust PVL sets as a satin finish to give the interior of your vehicle a luxurious look and feel.

Q. How do I clean an accidental spill on my leather seats?

A. Simply wipe away with a clean cloth using warm soapy water.

Q. Is Nilrust PVL greasy and slippery once applied?

A. No. Nilrust PVL is not a petroleum-based product which leaves an oily film. It sets to a permanent satin finish once applied.

 Electronic Rustproofing

Q. Does one size fit all?

A. No. The bigger your vehicle, the bigger control unit, and the more pads you will need. Visit the Nilrust Electronic Rustproofing Product Page to for more information on what size electronic rustproofing unit your vehicle requires.

Q. Are all Electronic Rustproofing Systems the same?

A. No. Nilrust NECCS units use the latest self-diagnostic capacitive coupling technology to stop corrosion. They have an in-line fuse and all their circuitry is sealed in a resin filled cavity. So, they are completely dust and waterproof.

Q. Does the unit interfere with onboard computers, communication equipment, personal health & safety, etc?

A. No. Nilrust NECCS units have been tested and Certified to not interfere with vehicle computers or other electronic systems.

Q. Will it flatten my vehicle’s battery?

A. No. They won’t cause unexpected flat batteries. Nilrust NECCS units draw less than 30 milliamps (I.E. less than your vehicle’s digital clock) and are available for 12 or 24-volt electrical systems.

Q. My car already has some rust. Will Nilrust help?

A. Yes. Fitting a Nilrust NECCS unit to your vehicle will simply STOP rust. Our units stop the rusting process from spreading and developing further.

Q. Can I take the unit off if I decide to trade or sell my vehicle?

A. All Nilrust NECCS units are transferable to your new vehicle with the replacement of new pads upon trade-in or sale.

Q. What do I do if the red light on my unit is on and/or flashing?

A. Please contact the Nilrust Agent who fitted your NECCS unit to your vehicle or call the Nilrust Head Office to find your local Nilrust Agent.

 Chemical Rustproofing

Q. What is the difference between Chemical & Electronic Rustproofing?

A. Chemical Rustproofing is a liquid, which is applied to the internal and underbody of vehicles. Electronic Rustproofing Units are a fully computerised device, which stops rust by a process called capacitive coupling. Negative and electrostatic fields are induced through the vehicle, reducing the rate at which oxygen and the body steel combine to stop rust.

Q. Can you have both Electronic & Chemical Rustproofing installed for additional protection?

A. Yes. Electronic Rustproofing will protect the entire vehicle, while the Chemical Rustproofing will only protect metal work where it is applied.

Q. Is Nilrust Topside and Bottomside the same?

A. No they aren’t. Nilrust Topside and Bottomside are both specifically formulated to protect either your vehicle’s topside or its bottomside metal components. Bottomside protects the underbody against rust, while Topside protects the upper-body and internal cavities but not visible body work.

Q. What parts of a vehicle does Chemical Rustproofing protect?

A. Chemical Rustproofing protects the underbody of vehicles from rust. It penetrates “hard-to-reach” seams and joins. Bottomside protective coating cures to a rock hard but still flexible layer, which also seals out air, moisture and other corrosion forming compounds. It stops rust from forming on vulnerable areas, such as the chassis and vital safety components including break and fuel lines. The upperbody of the vehicle is protected by Topside Chemical Rustproofing product, which is applied to the inside of doors panels, seals, and pillars.

Q. How does Nilrust Topside & Bottomside protect against corrosion?

A. Both products form a tough, flexible barrier that stops harmful corrosion elements from touching your vehicle’s metal work and to react and form rust. This barrier protects against corrosive substances like moisture, salt, oxygen, and dirt.

Q. How long does it take for Chemical Rustproofing to dry?

A. The flow of Nilrust Bottomside and Topside ceases within 30 minutes, but full drying time will take several days depending on the thickness of the film and current drying conditions (weather). We advise no beach or 4×4 driving for three weeks post chemical rustproofing to allow chemicals to cure.

Q. Does Nilrust’s Chemical Rustproofing products contain any harmful chemicals?

A. No harmful recycled solvents, such as Xylene, Butanol, Hexane, Toluene and other chlorinated solvents or mineral turps are used in Nilrust Chemical Rustproofing products, which also meet Australian Standards for applied thickness and chemical specifications. All Nilrust products are Made in Australia for Australian products.

Q. Does Chemical Rustproofing prevent the formation of rust once applied?

A. Nilrust Chemical Rustproofing stops rust from forming and retards further oxidation of any minor rust already present.

Q. Is Chemical Rustproofing just for new vehicles or can it still be applied to used vehicles?

A. Rustproofing is not just for new vehicles. Rustproofing enhances older vehicle’s long-term value, safety, and structural stability by preventing the formation of rust, while also halting further oxidation of any minor rust already present. 

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