September 10, 2019

Don’t Play Russian Roulette with Paint Protection Prep

Every time we drive our vehicles onto the road, we risk damage. Road grime, debris, bird & bat poo, insects, tree sap, harsh UV rays and acid rain are all common threats to paintwork.

We never plan on inflicting damage to our vehicles. Nilrust paint protection reduces the risks of these everyday hazards. 


The correct preparation is vital when it comes to Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection.

Remove waxy residue from ALL painted surfaces before treatment. If not removed, it can prevent paint protection from bonding to the paint. We don’t want this to ever happen to your customers.

So here’s a Step-by-Step Guide on how to prepare vehicles before applying Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection.

New Vehicles

Step 1

To clean away dirt and grime, wash the vehicle under cover using Nilrust Heavy Duty Carwash.

Step 2

Use a light clay bar to remove rough surfaces. If necessary, use Prepsol or kerosene on a soft clean cloth to remove remaining waxy residue.

Step 3

Chamois dry the vehicle to remove any excess moisture. Start applying our interior range of products while the vehicle dries completely.

Step 4

Apply Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection with a clean cloth. Do one panel at a time.

Step 5

Remove excess residue with a microfiber cloth.

Step 6

Proceed to the next panel.

Step 7

Repeat process until the entire vehicle is treated with Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection.

Step 8

Finally – DON’T forget to give your customers a bottle of Nilrust Endurolife. Vehicles MUST be treated with Nilrust Endurolife every six months as part of the warranty conditions (conditions apply). Failure to do so will void warranty.

Used Vehicles

We recommend used vehicles are machine compounded after being washed with Nilrust Heavy Duty Carwash … and before using Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection. Then follow Step 2-8 as outlined above.

Still unsure how to apply Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection? Contact us on (07) 5559 2525 or for more information.

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