April 29, 2015

Plastic Vinyl Leather Protection

The Plastic, Vinyl, Leather Protection product (better known as PVL) produced by Nilrust has distinct advantages over almost all other products on the market… Once applied and left to dry, it penetrates, chemically bonds and sets to the surface applied.
Because it contains UV filters, it prevents sun damage and oxidation of plastics, vinyls and leathers in cars. It makes the removal of spills and potentially staining products just a wipe with a damp cloth away – particularly on exposed areas i.e. car dashes which are commonly affected by splitting and cracking. It seals the surface, therefore, ensuring that the plasticisers within the vinyl and plastics do not evaporate (this evaporation causes the misty film on the inside of windscreens) because the plasticisers remain in the material, this guarantees they do not go brittle and prone to splitting and cracking whilst also allowing the expansion & contraction of the materials.

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