April 19, 2015

Surf Life Saving Clubs

Surf Life Saving Clubs have beach vehicles, such as Hilux Utes, that they use on the beach every day, which of course are subject to some of the harshest beach rust corrosion situations. Most of the vehicles used these days are equipped with Nilrust Electronic Rustproofing Systems.

Our Nilrust Electronic Corrosion Control System (NECCS) is a fully computerised device designed to prevent corrosion in vehicles.

The Gold Coast Council runs a tractor at Surfers Paradise which is equipped with a 4 Pad Heavy Duty NECCS. Gold Coast Council typically replace the vehicle every five years and simply refit the system to the new vehicle with 4 new pads.

Another harsh environment Australia offers is for mining industries. Between the sun, dust and other environmental issues caused from the mining, many vehicles have rusting issues. Nilrust Electronic Rustproofing Systems have helped many vehicles in mining areas stop rust and corrosion from happening.

We at Nilrust have had nothing but good reports and comments from all our customers at the Surf Life Saving Clubs and Mining Industries. In fact, all our customers who use the Nilrust Electronic Rustproofing System have nothing but praise for our product, which is what Nilrust aims for in our daily operations.

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