February 13, 2018

If Nanoparticles could risk your health … Why use it?

If Nanoparticles could risk your health … Why use it?

Safety of NanoparticlesImage taken from  Newsmedical 

Recently I had shoulder surgery …

Let me tell you about what happened as the doctors wheeled me into the operating theatre …

I was laying there when it suddenly hit me … HOLY COW! I’m going in for surgery.

And this got me thinking about the risks.

Would I ever play tennis again?

Would I be able to return to my normal working duties?

… Or swim laps in my pool?

What if something went horribly wrong?

… Could I lose my left arm?

My life “could” change forever … but as the drugs took effect my surgeon’s final words came to mind.

“Your health and safety is our number one priority. We’d never put you at risk. See you on the other side, He said.

Believe it or not,

This got me thinking … Just how important health is to us all!

Sadly, some people have health issues due to unfortunate work-related incidents like mine.

For this reason,

I thought it was important for me to reassure you – We take your health and safety VERY seriously.

And you’ll be glad to know …

Nilrust does NOT use nanotechnology in any of our products!

Why you ask?

It’s simple – the risks of exposing our applicators to nanoparticles is far too great.

But, don’t just take my word for it …

Recently released research from 2007 shows there are potentially some extremely serious health issues related to direct contact with nanoparticles because they enter the body through exposure to the skin and inhalation.

Health issues from the research include: neurological and lung diseases, such as Parkinson’s and emphysema, colon cancer, thrombus and high blood pressure. Just to name a few!

This sounds bleak, right?

But, you can have peace of mind,

At Nilrust, we use only premium grade ingredients in our products.

For 40 years Nilrust has had YOUR best interests at heart …

You can have Peace of Mind you’re using a proven range of products … made in Australia for Australian conditions – & safe for ALL Australian’s and our environment.

For further information on Nilrust Products (or the dangers of nanoparticles) Call Fitzy on 4018 423 002.

Mike Sign Mailer

Mike Galea

Nanomaterials and Nanoparticles: Sources and Toxicity (2007), Cristina Buzea, Ivan. I. Pacheco Blandino and Kevin Robbie, Department of Physics, Queen’s University & Gastrointestinal Diseases Research Unit & Department of Physiology, Queen’s University at Kingston General Hospital, Kington, Canada.

Nanoparticles: An Occupational Hygiene Review (2004), RJ Aitken, KS Creely and CL Tran, Institute of Occupational Medicine, Edinburgh, Scotland.


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