Our Products

Chemical Rustproofing

Nilrust Chemical Rustproofing stops rust from forming and retards further oxidation of any minor rust already present.

Electronic Rustproofing

The NECCS (Nilrust Electronic Corrosion Control System) is a fully computerised device designed to prevent corrosion in vehicles

Paint Protection

Enduroshield Paint Protection is a total paint protection program, designed to provide the best protection for your vehicle’s paintwork against fading, oxidation, staining, pitting, petrol, oil & detergents.

Plastic, Vinyl and Leather Protection

Nilrust’s Plastic, Vinyl and Leather (PVL) Protection coats and protects your vehicle’s interior and/or exterior vinyl, plastic and leather surfaces.

Leather Protection

Nilrust Leather Protection coats and protects your vehicle’s interior leather surfaces.

Fabric Protection

With Nilrust Fabric Protection your upholstery will retain its luxurious showroom look and feel no matter what sort of punishment you throw or spill on it.

Sound Deadener

Nilrust Sound Deadener is a fibre reinforced bitumen based product applied in a thick coating to the under body of your vehicle.

Window Tinting

Nilrust supplies CAR Window Tinting Films and application equipment direct to all agents and dealers.

Tray Liners

Nilrust Tough Mate Ute Liners are tough, sprayed-on polyurethane linings for ute trays, trailers, boats and more, providing a thick layer of protection under the most rugged conditions.


Nilrust has been operating under the same name in Australia for over 35 years and as such stands behind its products with meaningful and real warranties.