September 12, 2016

3 Easy Steps to Cleaning Your Car – Nilrust Car Care Kit

Cleaning Your Carnilrust-carwashing

Helpful D.I.Y. Guide

Step 1 – Prepare for Washing

Park your car in a shady area and if possible, allow the paint to cool down before hosing down with water. Using a strong jet setting on your garden hose or a high pressure blaster, wash off any sticky grime and mud from the underside and wheel arches of your car.

Next, hose down the entire car working from top to bottom and thoroughly wet the whole surface.  Don’t forget to re-wet the surface regularly as you are cleaning the car to stop any water stains as it dries.

Step 2 – Wash Car

Make sure you have your Nilrust Gift Pack on hand and ready for use. Dilute 10ml of Nilrust Heavy Duty Carwash per 5 Litres of water in a bucket. Using the microfibre cloth or glove apply the wash liberally over the paintwork working from the roof down.

Hose off your vehicle using fresh water and rinse away all of the suds. Finish off by using a chamois to dry all of the surfaces.

Step 3 –  Apply Gloss Revitaliser

To revive and maintain the Nilrust Enduroshield paint protection on your car apply Nilrust Endurolife at least every six months. Endurolife is chemically engineered to revitalise, add and bond the paint protection on the paintwork of your vehicle.

Dilute a capful of Nilrust Endurolife in a small amount of water in the bottom of a bucket. Sponge onto a cool vehicle and ensure full coverage. Thoroughly rinse the vehicle using a hose, and then dry using your chamois.


Things You Need to Get Started

  • Your Nilrust Gift Pack
  • A Garden Hose & Fittings, Bucket and Clean Water – Make sure you start by having a nice long hose and a powerful spray or jet head fitting to blast away any stubborn mud and grime. You will also need a bucket to dilute the cleaning products that you plan on using and a microfibre cloth or glove to apply them to your vehicle.
  • Car Wash  –  A good quality car wash really does make a difference to the finish of your vehicle. Nilrust Heavy Duty Carwash cleans away dirt and grime in one simple action.
  • Gloss Revitaliser – Revitalise the paint protection on your car by applying Nilrust Endurolife to your paintwork at least every six months.
  • Chamois and Microfibre Glove – You have a hose, bucket and all the cleaning products you need to wash your car but make sure you have a clean chamois and microfibre cloth or glove to achieve the perfect finish.
  • Bug-N-TarStubborn tar, bugs and road grime can be easily removed by using Nilrust Bug-N-Tar.


Expert Tips

Simply wash away stubborn bugs, tar and tough road grime by using Nilrust Bug-N-Tar. It easily dissolves asphalt, bitumen and natural insect wax and gives an all -round performance. Apply the remover directly to the area to be treated by either dabbing or spraying it onto the stains. Then wipe off with a soft cloth or sponge. For heavy deposits leave for 15 minutes and then wipe off.


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