February 26, 2019

Nilrust New Door Display Stands

Seeing is the best way to show your customers the true benefits of Nilrust Exterior and Interior Protection Products & Window Tint Films.

Our latest point of sale merchandise item is the Nilrust Door Display Stand, which can be easily set up in your showroom or workshop as the perfect product demonstration tool.

The stand comes already assembled – you just need to get a single door frame to display on the stand.

Door Image 1 v2Door Image 2 v2

Simply treat half the door with Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection and leave the other half unprotected. The benefits of Nilrust Paint Protection will be obvious right away.

Perfect showroom shine & a silky-smooth finish!

The stand can also be used to show the advantages of Nilrust Fabric & PVL Protection for interior surfaces plus Nilrust Window Tinting.

Made of lightweight steel, the stand weights just 2.5KGs. The four swivel casters make it extremely easy to move the stand to wherever you need. The arm height is also adjustable to accommodate different sized doors. Order today by contacting Nilrust on (07) 5559 2525 or via e-mail at info@nilrust.com.au.



Benefits of Nilrust Door Stand
+ Perfect Display It’s the perfect way to display a door that’s been protected with Nilrust Protection Products and Window Tint.
+ Easy to Move Just roll the door stand around your showroom or workshop for the best display location.
+ Saves Precious Space Display just a door frame in your showroom or workshop rather than an entire car to illustrate the benefits of Nilrust. 
+ Compact Display Stand Takes up very little room in your showroom or workshop.
+ Ideal Visual Display Use with our Nilrust Brochures & Promotional Material.
+ Touch & Feel Get customers to touch & feel the difference Nilrust makes to their vehicle exterior and interior surfaces.


Door Image 5 v2

Key Features

+ Lightweight steel frame stand
+ Weight 2.5KG
+ 4x swivel casters for easy portability
+ Adjustable arm to fit any door frame size
+ Made in Australia
Door Image 3 v2
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