August 2, 2018

“Nano”, “Ceramic”, “Hydro” – Trendy “It” Words!


Nano, “Ceramic”, “Hydro”
Trendy “It” Words!

Nano. Ceramic. Hydro. These are trendy “it” words the automotive aftermarket industry uses to persuade customers to buy their “revolutionary” & “high performance” car care products.

At Nilrust we know these big words and trendy catch phrases are just marketing hype. Nothing more … nothing less. The car care market is always looking for the next catch phrase to market as the “best ever shine”, “most effective scratch resistant” or “the best water beading you’ve ever seen”.

Nilrust Paint Protection offers a complex cocktail of ingredients developed over nearly 40 years and designed to provide the ultimate protection. It protects against UV and natural contaminate damage, while also providing toughness, strength, durability, gloss and colour finish and lifelong protection. Ingredients include PTEF’s (as in Teflon), silicates, long polymer molecules, colour and gloss enhancers, natural and synthetic resins and waxes, organic UV filters, etc.

Most other products on the market have only been around for between one and 5 years. Almost all of the other aftermarket products sold in Australia are made overseas, mainly in China, using cheap and ineffective ingredients. Therefore, many of our competitors adopt catchy slogans such as “Nanotechnology”, “Super Hydrophobic Coatings” “Crystal Serum” and “Advanced Ceramic Protection” to dazzle their customers with big words.





Nilrust is proudly made in Australia specifically for Australian conditions. We don’t need fancy words for our customers to know we’re the best. It’s their testimonies that keep us accountable and motivate us to always produce world class products.

We recently sent out a newsletter highlighting the dangers of nanotechnology. Nilrust does NOT use nanotechnology in our products. You ask why? It’s simple … the risks of exposing your applicators is far too great. Yes, we take their health and safety VERY seriously.

2007 research shows there are potentially some very serious health issues related to direct contact with nanoparticles because they enter the body by exposure through the skin and inhalation. Health issues include neurological and lung diseases, colon cancer, thrombus and high blood pressure – just to name a few! *

The phrase “Ceramic” has also increased in recent years for paint protection. Nilrust has always used ceramic ingredients in our products in the form of constituent silicates. Competitors constantly use this catchy phrase to talk about the hardening abilities of ceramics. However, it’s just a word – not a magical basis for tough long-lasting paint protection.

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