June 10, 2020

Nilrust Sanitizor Surface Spray & Hand Sanitising Gel


We have been able to source and bottle down Anti-Bacterial Surface Spray and Hand Sanitiser Gel for you.

To ensure you can continue operating and reassure your customers that their vehicle’s hygiene is not compromised we now have Sanitizor Antibacterial Surface Spray that is easy to apply.

Simply spray all surfaces and leave the product for a minimum of 10 minutes without wiping for complete Anti-Bacterial action. You can also spray with the car fan running to circulate the mist.

Also available is Sanitising Hand Gel in 125ml or a 250ml Refill bottle, the active ingredient is Ethanol.  Simply apply to the palm, spread, and rub over back of hands & fingertips until dry.


Anti-Bacterial Surface Trigger Spray 750ml                            $18.70

Hand Sanitiser Gel 125ml                                                                $15.00

Hand Sanitiser Gel Refill 250ml                                                   $24.00

(The prices are GST exclusive)

If you would like to make an order call us on (07) 5559 2525 or via e-mail at

We are open and committed to serving you more safely than ever.

Kind Regards,

The Nilrust Team

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