November 5, 2019

Nilrust NECCS – One Size Does NOT Fit All!

When it comes to Electronic Rustproofing Systems, one size does NOT fit all vehicles. 

Nilrust has an extensive range of NECCS Units specifically designed to simply STOP rust – both inside & out.

Our units fit everyday cars to the largest (& dirties) 4WDs … along with specialised farming & mining equipment.

So which system do you need?

Here’s a guide to help you install the correct unit to vehicles in your workshop.


1 Pad
Electronic Rustproofing 1 Pad Unit
This 12-volt Single Pad Unit is designed to protect small vehicles, such as sedans, hatchbacks, wagons and small SUVs against rust. All units are fully computerised, programmable and self-diagnostic. They are also completely fail-safe and automatically reset if a fault occurs.
Recommended for:
+ Small sized cars & SUVs

2 Pad
Electronic Rustproofing 2 Pad Unit
The 2 Pad Unit is suitable for medium to large vehicles, including large sedans, medium SUVs, utes, duel-cabs & vans.
Recommended for:
+ Medium to large cars, SUVs, 4WDs, vans & commercial vehicles
+ ATVs (If regularly used at the beach we recommend the use of a 4 Pad Unit)
+ Vehicles with pre-existing rust
+ Plant & Equipment (EG: Gen Sets, Lighting Towers, Fork Lifts, Telehandlers)

4 Pad
Electronic Rustproofing 4 Pad Unit
The heavy duty 4 Pad Unit is suitable for large vehicles, including large 4WDs, utes, duel-cabs & industry vehicles.
Recommended for:
+ Vehicles launching boats which experience partial immersion
+ Large 4WDs, vans & commercial vehicles
+ Vehicles used frequently off-road
+ Vehicles subject to regular salt spray & beach driving
+ Vehicles with pre-existing rust

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty / Mining / Commercial Vehicles

Suitable for building, construction & commercial vehicles, as well as buses, coaches and any other vehicle you have in mind.

Recommended for:
+ Surface Mining Vehicles & Machinery
+ Underground & Off-shore Mining Vehicles & Machinery
+ Farming Machinery
+ Medium to large size trucks & buses
+ Beach Machinery (Tractors & ATVs)
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