April 3, 2019

Your car’s worst enemies … do you know what are they?

What would you do if there was a phenomenal product that protected vehicles against harsh environmental hazards while also making it easy to clean … & only required a one-off application? You’d sell it! Wouldn’t you? You’d be crazy not to invest in something that not only adds value to vehicles but also keeps them clean for longer.

Traditionally vehicle owners had to apply fresh layers of wax or polish to their paintwork every few months to build up a protective coating. Nobody has time for that now!  At Nilrust, we believe our technically advanced Paint Protection Systems provide the ultimate insurance against oxidisation, corrosion and pollution fallout.

Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection is made from refined rock oils that are formulated to create a tough durable glaze which chemically bonds with paintwork for superior shine. It’s made from a combination of cleaners, polymers, colour and gloss enhances, ultra-high melting paint waxes, PTFE and UV inhibitors in a semi-liquid form, and withstands temperatures ranging from -40C to +130C. It’s that tough!


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Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection is available in a Single Stage treatment specifically designed to protect the life of all painted surfaces with just one application. Nilrust Enduroshield Gold provides an additional layer of gloss enhances, UV filters and hardeners and can be applied if required by your customers.

Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection can be purchased in a 15-car or 60-car kit or in bulk in 20L or 200L drums. For more information contact the Nilrust Head Office on (07) 5559 2525 or via e-mail at


Common Paint Enemies

As soon as you leave home, vehicles are exposed to harsh environmental hazards. Tree sap, bird & bat droppings, insects, UV light and road grime are common enemies that can cause significant damage if paintwork is not protected.

Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection acts as a natural barrier between everyday threats and painted surfaces. Here’s a guide to explain what every vehicle owner needs to know about common paint enemies.


Benefits of Nilrust Paint Protection

+ No more cutting, polishing or waxing required
+ Water beads off along with dust & dirt
+ Protects against water & hard water deposits
+ Stain resistant against leaf marks, bird & bat droppings, tar, sap, insects, petrol, grease & grime (conditions apply)
+ Powerful UV filters shield against aging, fading, peeling & chalking
+ Provides 24/7 protection against corrosion, oxidation & pollution fallout
+ Colour & gloss enhancers for a perfect mirror finish
+ Maintains showroom finish for top resale value
+ Requires “only” one treatment” applied by professional technicians
+ Environmentally Friendly & Australian Made
+ Covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty (conditions apply)

How it Works

Made from refined rock oils formulated to create a tough, durable glaze that chemically bonds with your vehicle’s paintwork.
+ Active Fluoropolymers fill the pores of the paint to produce a high gloss finish that never needs to be waxed or polished.
+ Enhanced with an organic UV protectant to prevent fading & premature aging of treated paint surfaces.
+ Manufactured using environmentally safe natural & synthetic resins that contain colour and gloss enhancers.
+ Hardened paint surfaces make water bead away with ease and prevents dirt & grim from scratching your vehicle when washed.

Maintenance … It’s That Easy

With Nilrust Enduroshield Paint Protection, vehicle maintenance is simple. 

+ Just wash in the shade using 10mls of Nilrust Heavy Duty Carwash diluted in 5L of clean water.

+ Use a clean sponge and rinse with fresh water. Stubborn dirt and road grime wash off instantly, leaving a sparkling clean finish every time.

+ And don’t forget to apply Nilrust Endurolife Gloss Revitaliser every six month to maintain warranty conditions.

It’s that easy!

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